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Activities at Viceroy Riviera Maya

  • Library Lounge
    • The lively yet relaxing Library at La Marea evokes the residential feel of a luxurious living room and extends into an open-air patio for premium ocean views. Meet friends for a signature cocktails or cigars before dinner or enjoy one of the restaurant's famous desserts overlooking a Maya sunset and the lights of Cozumel Island.

      The Library also hosts Tequila and Ceviche tastings by our Maestro Tequilero, during which guests review at least three high-end tequilas - each accompanied by different sangritas - along with the spirit history and proper drinking methods.

  • Archaeological Sites
    • Chichén Itzá
      • The Kukulcan at Chichen Itza 

        Explore mysterious Chichén Itzá, considered by many as one of the seven new wonders of the world and certified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A professionally guided tour will allow you to witness the magnificence of the 75-foot-high Kukulkan pyramid, the Temple of the Warriors, the Ball Court, the Observatory and more. Then, visit a beautiful cenote to swim. 

        The Kukulcan
        A 75-foot-high pyramid built in the eleventh century. The structure highlights the Mayan's advanced knowledge of mathematics and the solar system.

        Temple of the Warriors
        Rising from a step platform east of El Castillo is the Temple of the Warriors. This magnificent structure was built by Toltec conquerors of Yucatán in ca. 950-1000 AD, and houses a large stone altar.

        The Ball Court
        The Mayans were thought to be great sportsmen and built large courts to play their games. The Ballcourt of Chichén Itzá is 545 feet long, 225 feet wide and is open to the sky. Its unique construction allows a whisper from end to be heard at the other.

        The Sacred Cenote
        This natural limestone sinkhole provided a steady water source for ancient Mayan people. The opening of the cenote is nearly 200 feet across with vertical sides 60 feet off the water.

    • Coba
      • Pyramid in Coba 

        Visitors who brave the steep climb up the  highest pyramid in Mexico's Maya world reap the reward of a breathtaking vista. At  more than 130 feet in height.

        Nohuch Mul, which means mound” in the  Mayan language, is the pyramid at Coba  archaeological site and Yucatán Peninsula.  Coba, an easy half-hour d r i v e inland  from the coastal city of Tulum, is well  worth a visit. In the Maya language Coba  means "stirred by wind.” The Maya  flourished here between 400 and 1100 A.D. One of the largest Maya cities of the  Classic period, at its peak the site stretched out over 50 miles and was home to some  50,000 inhabitants.

        Two small lakes nearby made it a desirable  location. As you explore the site, wandering  the pleasantly shady trails beneath the  jungle canopy, keep your eyes and ears  open for wildlife. Coba is extensive, so if you tire of walking in the jungle heat you can rent a bike or hire a tricycle pedicab and driver to  pedal you around.

    • Tulum
      • Tulum in Riviera Maya 

        Tulum is the city with the most impressive  sight of the Mayan World. One of the last cities habited  by the Maya before the Spanish conquest,  built 800 years ago considered the most  important trade port of the Mayan Empire.

        The archaeological zone of Tulum is one of  the most beautiful places on the Riviera Maya.  Combining the mystery of the ancient  civilization, which inhabited this zone, with  the singular beauty of the Caribbean Sea  which bathes its shores, the city of Tulum is  the only known archaeological site located by  the sea, built in the top of a cliff facing the  marvelous Caribbean waters.

        Over sixty well-preserved structures can be  observed within three massive walls which  surround the site. There is a small beach  beside the main temple, ideal for a swim  while gazing up at the Maya's architectural  wizardry.

    • Cozumel
      •  Mayan Ruin at San Gervasio in Cozumel, Mexico

        The island of Cozumel holds its name from the Mayan “Cuzamil” which means land of the swallows . It was famous for its devotion to the Goddess of fertility Ïxchel” and is today most famous for its submarine wonders. Cozumel is the home of beautiful coral formations and a breathtaking marine life. It was the legendary Jacques Cousteau who unveiled the beauty of the region in his 1960 investigatory filming. The Reef is protected from the roughness of the open sea by Cozumel that helps it grow in a unique and fantastic way. The gigantic towers of “Palancar” and paradise-like gardens of “Xan Kanaab” are jewels to be discovered by divers and snorkelers from around the world. The island actually forms the second largest coral barrier / reef of the world. Today, the “National Reef Park of Cozumel” protects majestic creatures and unique species. Don’t hesitate to discover an underwater world so beautiful and so close.

        Discover the pre-Columbian Maya city of Tantun Cuzamil (Flat Rock in the place of Shallows),or modern day, San Gervasio. The ruins were used to worship the goddess Ix Chel, an aged deity of childbirth, fertility, medicine and weaving. Pre-Columbian would make a pilgrimage to San Gervasio once in their life. You can see "Las Manitas" (Little Hands) which are red-color handprints on the interior walls or "El Arco" (the Arch). 

    • Cenotes
      • il-Kil Cenote in Mexico 

        The peninsula of Yucatan is a paradise of white sandy beaches washed by turquoise warm waters; an emerald green land amidst the Mayan jungle. In this marvelous setting, windows open up to discover the un-earthly world of the Ancient Gods.

        The Mayans considered the “Dzonot”- today known as Cenotes, as sacred. Indeed, these subterranean rivers and sources of fresh water were home to their Gods and refuge to their oldest customs and traditions.

        Exploring the crystalline waters of these caves is a unique adventure. The amazing fossils testify of an ancestral sea and thousands of stalactites and stalagmites add to the magic of the place. Any visitor can sense it; these places are out of this world!

        When the light sneaks into the caves, equipped with a mask and a snorkel or diving gear, you can easily understands why the Mayans regarded these places sacred as such

  • Beach & Water Activities
    • Resort Pool
      • In addition to the private plunge pool in your villa, Viceroy Riviera Maya features a resort pool with sundeck and a selection of loaner sombreros for guests' use. You'll also have easy access to Coral Bar where you can enjoy tropical cocktails and fresh small bites.

    • Caribbean Sea & Beach
      • Seven miles of white sand beachfront are ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling. A 350-foot section is kept carefully maintained and is dotted with palapa-roofed cabanas. Viceroy Riviera Maya also offers kayaks and other water sport equipment. Please ask staff for assistance.

    • Candlelite Beach Respite
      • Looking for a romantic evening? White table linens, exotic flower arrangements and a private seaside palapa framed by torches in the sand as the stars reflect off the Caribbean Sea. It doesn't get any more romantic for nature-gazing or dining. Viceroy Riviera Maya will happy to set the stage for your romantic evening.

    • Scuba & Snorkeling
      • Dive or snorkel at the World's second biggest coral reef and unique cavern/cave system to explore. Private and public dives are available.

    • Cenotes Diving & Snorkeling
      • The spectacular cenote at Dos Ojos natural reserve is just 35 minutes away.

    • Fishing & Pleasure Cruising
      • Troll for Sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo and dorado right outside the Puerto Aventures marina. Year round deep sea sport fishing charters. If fishing is not your game, pleasure cruising is also available.

    • Private Yachts & Catamarans
      • Enjoy a spectacular day on a private yacht or catamaran while visiting the most beautiful spots in the Riviera Maya.

    • Dolphin Discovery
      • Dolphin Discovery facilities are located in the little town of Puerto Aventuras surrounded by a tropical green island with a natural lagoon.  This habitat is the perfect place to swim with dolphins, feed manatees or get kissed by our adorable sea lions.

  • Land Adventures & Tours
    • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Tours
      • Experience the emotion of driving an ATV  through jungle trails. Enjoy pleasant walks immersed in a protected natural area to  explore caves, fly above vegetation with zip  lines, discover archaeological vestiges, learn  about the lifestyle of the first inhabitants and  swim in a beautiful cenote with crystal clear  water.

    • Golf
      • Enjoy year-round golfing. Playa del Carmen has many year-round options for the avid golfer.

        • El Camaleon Golf Club: A Greg Norman design, El Camaleón Golf Club boasts a spectacular layout winding about the tropical jungle and the mangrove boldly stretching to the sea. Well reputed among golf's finest players,  El Camaleón is the PGA TOUR site for  the Mayakoba Classic, the only official  PGA TOUR event held outsidethe U.S.A. or Canada.
        • Hard Rock Golf Club: This magnificent par 72 Riviera Maya golf course with 7,144 yards was designed and constructed under the supervision of the famous Architect Robert Von Hagge and is surrounded by a diversity of lakes and exuberant vegetation. The Golf Club Playacar is considered the most challenging golf course of the region.
    • Horseback Riding
      • Especially designed for persons with little to  no experience in horseback riding, our  activity allows them to enjoy the experience  of riding safely through the fascinating and  exotic landscape of Riviera Maya. This tour will take you through the verdant  Mayan jungle and to visit two fascinating  cenotes (sinkholes); you will be able to refresh and swim in one of them.Afterwards you will taste artisanal bubble  gum. All our horses have been rescued and  rehabilitated, friendly creatures that invite you to come, feel Mexico through its land  and its beautiful nature.

    • Xplor (Xcaret)
      • Xplor is a park that will take you to enjoy  adventures flying across the sky on zip-lines, go through the paths of the jungle on amphibious vehicles and to swim and float on rafts in a cenote, underground rivers created millions of years ago. Discover if you have what it takes to live an  extreme day or night.

  • Shopping
    • Your wish is our command: we are pleased to now feature Viceroy' custom-designed furnishings and linens, robes, bed canopies, hammocks, and even the linen guayaberas used in Maya ceremonies, in the hotel La Tienda shop. Additionally, the boutique sells museum-quality archaeological reproductions certified by the National Institute of Anthropology; accessories by Mexican designer Pineda Covalin such as scarves, ties and handbags inspired by Mexico's rich culture and traditions; and one-of-a-kind silver jewelry by leading Mexican artisans. Items can be shipped via Federal Express and delivered within 48 hours.

      If you are looking for more?  Playa del Carmen offers three luxury shopping malls and plazas: 



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